GP Co-Investment Portfolio

GP Co-Investment Portfolio
Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina
Initial Investment - August 2023

ApexOne Investment Partners, on behalf of ApexOne Strategic Investors Fund V, has co-invested in the General Partnership of five developments with Middle Street Partners. ApexOne’s investment into the five assets will be a total of $8.8M deployed over one year following the closing date of each development. Fund V will participate in the GP’s promoted interest in each investment. Fund V also holds an LP equity position in the South Daytona Beach development.

The following properties make up the GP Co-Investment Portfolio:

* Norwell Creek Village – Daniel Island, SC
* 400 Bishop - Atlanta, GA
* Manufacturer’s Road – Chattanooga, TN
* Dickerson Pike – Nashville, TN
* South Daytona Beach – South Daytona Beach, FL